NSS(National Service Scheme):

The NSS unit of the college started on the 26th of November 2004, by the NSS coordinator Dr. K. Venkatachalam. The Chairman of the NSS Unit is Dr. Y. Ashok, Principal of the college. Dr.C.Kameswari is the Program Officer of the unit. Under this scheme the students enroll themselves to carry out all the activities of the NSS.

Activities 2013-14:


The NSS Units of various colleges affiliated to Osmania University organized World Blood Donor's Day conducted by APSACS on June 14th 2013 at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad. The NSS Units present for the program took an oath to donate blood to help the needy.


Blood Donation Camp was organized on June 26th 2013 in the college with the help of Andhra Pradesh AIDS Control Society (APSACS) and Youth Red Cross Society of the college. 251 units of blood were collected and handed over to the Thalassemia and Sickle cell society, Hyderabad.


The NSS Unit of the college received a certificate of appreciation from APSACS for the highest number of units of blood collected in a college in the twin cities.


The NSS Program Officer received an award from the APSACS for the special achievement - `saving lives through voluntary blood donation'.


Special Camp was organized at Narsapur, Medchal Dist. from October 21st to 27th 2013. The highlight of the camp was the theme oriented `Nukkad' plays. The volunteers gave solutions to the problems faced in day to day life through these plays. The villagers appreciated the effort of the Volunteers and promised to put the solutions into practice.

Mass tree plantation in collaboration with Rail Metro Project and NCC Unit of the t College on 23rd August 2013.

World Aids Rally was organized by the NSS and NCC Units of the college on 1st December 2013. 70 Volunteers and Cadets of the college took a rally from the college to Bhavan's Sarada Devi Hospital at Dr. A. S. Rao Nagar. The volunteers pinned up red ribbons to all the higher officials, staff and inmates
of the hospital.

NSS volunteers attended the NDA Passing Out Commod. Parade on 27th and 28th of November 2013.

NSS volunteers helped in successful conduct of the group photo session of the final year students of the college in January 2014.

The NSS volunteers also helped in the smooth conduct of the Annual Day celebration of the College.


NSS Activities 2012-13:

NSS Achievements  2012-13

1)   Summer special camp was conducted from April 30th to 6th May 2012. 30 students of  Kokonda and Singannaguda were invited and basics of Mathematics, English, Hindi, Telugu, Science, Computer Hardware & software skills were taught.  Students of Kokonda and Singannaguda , 2 Program Officer’s,  2 attenders , 4 lecturers & 15 NSS volunteers participated  in this program.

2)   Doctors day, July 1st 2012 -  In collaboration with Lions club of Vivekanandapuram, NSS Unit of the college conducted a Health camp with 30 NSS volunteers. 670 people were benefited with this camp.

3)  NSS Volunteers gave their helping hand in Anti-Ragging campaigning, by sticking pamphlets all over the campus

4)  Summer mega camp was organized in the month of July 2012, by NSS unit of Osmania University in the University campus, 3 boys and 3 girl NSS volunteers participated in the camp.

5)  Lions Club of Vivekanandapuram conducted a Mega health camp at Devuruppala on 11th august 2012. Approx 1000 people were benefited with this program and 23 NSS volunteers participated in it.

6)  In collaboration with NCC unit of the college, 50 NSS Volunteers helped in tree plantation in the month of October 2012.

7)   In collaboration with Youth Red Cross & Akhila Bharatiya Yuva Sangh (ABYS) a Blood donation camp was organized on 17th, September 2012 in the college. 237 units of blood were collected.

8)  More than 100 NSS volunteers contributed during NAAC visit.

9)  Special camp was conducted at Tuniki Khalsa from 7th to 13th December 2012. Awareness programs like, garbage disposal, health and hygiene, water borne diseases, importance of education were conducted through rally and skits.

The highlight of the special camp was that, they organized Nukkad plays which were very impressive and educative. In this camp 43 NSS volunteers, 2 Program Officer’s and 2 attenders participated in this camp.


Anti ragging pamphlets being displayed in college premises

Blood donors

Blood donors

Doctors at the desk (BD)

Health camp at vivekanadapuram

Health camp at vivekanadapuram

Principal registering for donating blood (B.D)

Lecturers for BD

Mega health camp at Devurruppala

NSS Volunteers at mega camp at O.U

NSS Volunteers teaching English grammar

Outreach - visit to laboratory


out reach program at BVC - Kokonda & Singannaguda village boys participated

specially designed emblem for outreach prog


Staff and volunteers B D

students filling the registration form (BD)

students introducing themselves

Tree plantation during mega camp at O.U

Volunteer receiving token of appreciation

Volunteers and students at outreach program



Health Camp

Bhavan’s Vivekananda College alongwith the Lions’ Club International, conducted a Health Camp  on 1st July 2012.

The camp was conducted in the slum area adjacent to Vivekanandapuram Colony.

Dr Shanker Rao, former minister, inaugurated the camp.

Oxygen Hospital, Alwal branch coordinated with the doctors for the camp.  Nearly 500 patients were screened and medicines worth Rs 25,000 were distributed


NSS Activities 2011-12:

The College has a vibrant NSS Unit with an enrollment of nearly 200 students. The following programmes were organized by the NSS Unit during the year 2011-12:

Health Camp at Vivekanandapuram community Hall in association with Lion's Club, Secunderabad and Hyderabad in July 2011 and at Kowkur community hall in association with Lion's Club of Secunderabad and Hyderabad on 15th August 2011. More than 800 people were benefited.

A One day camp was conducted in August 2011 in the College. NSS volunteers cleaned the College campus and helped in marking the two and four wheeler parking for the students and staff of the College.

The NSS Unit visited Cherlapally Central Jail in September 2011 during which they interacted with the inmates and organized several programmes to encourage their participation.

An NSS Special Camp was conducted at Kokonda and Singannaguda, Mulugu Mandal, Medak District from 3rd December to 9th December 2011. Activities undertaken during the camp were Shramadaan, rally on health and hygiene, door to door survey and several programmes organized for school children like quiz, elocution, drawing, fun games etc.

In collaboration with the Indian Youth Red Cross Society a Blood Donation Camp was organized on 19th January 2012, in which 249 units of blood were collected.

Mr. Rajiv Reddy of B.Sc II yr was selected for the Pre-R.D Parade camp which was conducted in West Godavari district.

Ms. Ramya Kaumudi of B. Com II yr was selected for the National Integration Camp held from 22nd - 30th of January 2012 at Hassan, Karnataka.

NSS unit of Bhavans Vivekananda college under "outreach programme" has organized a one week long orientation programme (April,30th - May,6th 2012) for students of Zilla Parishad High School Singannaguda Medak Dist.

The programme covers Computer Literacy, Basics Science & Mathematics Concepts, Sports and Personality Development.


NSS Special Camp was conducted at Kokonda and Singannaguda, Mulugu Mandal, Medak District


Outreach Programme :


Other Activities:

NSS activities are carried out with in the campus and beyond. In the campus, activities are carried out in the leisure time after the scheduled classes. Off campus activities are carried out by conducting special camps. A village is adopted, through survey and after consulting the village sarpanch, upsarpanch and villagers. The problems are listed down and plans are made and executed by the students to solve those problems. In the 7 days special camp the students stay in the village and carry out the scheduled work. Everyday, activities are listed out and the work is carried out as per the scheduled plan. A checklist is maintained as to determine the status of work carried out each day. The students participate in these activities with full enthusiasm and conduct themselves so well that they set an example for the villagers and people around. Other than the scheduled work, the students also conduct different competitions for the folks of different categories in the village, present cultural shows and message giving skits.

The NSS unit of the college adopted Bandlaguda also known as Ahmadguda in 2005, which is at a distance of 12 kms from the college. Three camps were conducted in the village, year after year, which brought recognition to the NSS Unit, the college as well as the student volunteers. After the successful completion of three years of service in Bandlaguda, another village by name Wargal was adopted by the unit in 2007 and services were rendered. In the year 2008 the unit adopted Markook village, Medak Dist. In 2009 & 2010, the unit rendered their services in Tunki, Bollaram.

In the college campus, students help in the need of the hour. They have helped the staff of the college during blood donation camps, annual day celebrations, annual play and national festivals. They take active part during the “greEnergy” program, where the students clean the botanical garden and dig pits and plant new saplings in the campus. They never go back even in cleaning the fans, tube lights, computers and laboratories of college whenever possible. They clean up the football, volleyball, kabbadi courts every year for conducting sports smoothly. In September 2010, the unit laid and leveled the approaching road from CDM to Bhavan's Ramakrishna Vidyalaya which was washed away due to rain.

NSS gives all round exposure to the students and justifying the theme “Self Development through Community Development”. Apart from the contribution made by the students in and outside the campus, their hardwork is also recognized by the University. T.Kavya of Life Sciences III year was the only student selected representing O.U for the National Integration camp conducted in January 2006 at Pune. Dinesh Karnam of B.Com Honors I year and Sandhya Yadav of B.Sc Life Sciences II year was selected for the Chinese delegation which visited Hyderabad in November 2007. Sandhya Yadav was also selected for the “Mee Kosam” program organized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.In the year 2008, Renuka Chowdary and Kalpana Minj of B.Sc Life Science II yr were selected for the National Integration camp at Thirucchurappalli, In 2009, Vishnu Priya of B.Com final year was selected for the summer Mega Camp at Sriperumbador, Tamil Nadu. In 2010-2011 R.Pavan Jain of B.Com final year was selected for the adventure camp at Uttar Kashi, Uttarakhand and Revathi of B.Com II yr was selected for National Youth festival at Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Adding one more feather to the NSS unit, Dr.C.Kameswari, the NSS PO was selected as the Contingent Leader for the National Integration camp conducted at Perambalur, Thirucchurappalli in July 2008 representing Andhra Pradesh through Osmania University. The A.P team won laurels being the Best Disciplined Team and won awards in cultural programs. The team met the Registrar and Vice Chancellor of Osmania University. They showered their best wishes to the team and asked to conduct themselves well in their life and practice what they have learnt during their seven day visit in Trichi.

The NSS unit of the college has also visited Old Age home, Orphange home, Blood donation, cleaning the football, volley ball, kabbadi courts and greening the campus.

The NSS unit of the college has a number of activities in store for carrying out in this academic year. A few planned activities are visit to Hospitals, Traffic Control at Neredmet X roads.