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The Physical Science Faculty have started a club in the academic year 2010-11 by the name PSCIFE (Physical Science Club for Information, Fun and Education). There was a competition for the physical science students to suggest a name for the same. Under the voting system, this acronym was selected as suggested by Ms. S K Fatima of B.Sc. (MSCs) III year, 2008-’11. The purpose of having this club is:

1. To have better inter- departmental interaction for both students and staff.
2. To conduct activities like paper presentation, poster presentation, quiz, fun games, Brain quest, etc.
3. To encourage their analytical skills and to stimulate their thinking and develop confidence.
4. To make the students more creative.
5. To try and remove the inhibition that some of the students may have.

The coordinator of this club is Dr.K Vasudeva Rao and the members are

Mr. V. Selva Kumar  Lecturer in Statistics
  1. Ms. Leela Santi
Lecturer in Mathematics
  1. Ms. P. Lavanya 
Lecturer in Electronics
  1. Ms. Rajini  
Lecturer in Statistics
Ms.S. Jayalaxmi Lecturer in Computer Science


Student Members

Coordinator Bsc-MSCS-3B

SWEETY SINGH Coordinator / Anchoring Head Bsc-MSCS-3B

ARUN KIRAN MEKA Logistics Head Bsc-MSCS-3B

Creative Head

Web updation head

photography head


PSCIFE – Physical Sciences Club for Information Fun and Education

PSCIFE this year had lot of additions. Its growth as a club and the amount of activities it has to its name is immense. PSCIFE got a logo for itself as an identity this year, which delivers in colors, shapes and meaning to live up to its expectations.


PSCIFE this year had lot of additions. Its growth as a club and the amount of activities it has to its name is immense.
This year we aim at conducting more competitions as compared to last year.
Various activates were conducted like Science Crossword, Word Building, Brain teaser, Learn and share and Connectivity. 



The logo Quiz

The PSCIFE club of Bhavan Vivekananda College organised an event called "the logo quiz" on 18th November 2017, Saturday. Around 20 teams participated from which 10 qualified for the second round which would decide the top 2 teams. Throughout the competition there was a feel of enthusiasm and excitement among the participants.

winners list:

1. Achyut and vivek

2.roshan and abhinash


On 26 August 2017, the PSCIFE club of Bhavans Degree college organised a competition to bring out the unique and innovative ideas of the students.It was open for all the streams.About 15 teams participated and mesmerised the audiance with their 'out of the box' imaginations.
winners list:
1st: Bharthi kanodia-BA III and radhe mundada- BCom IIIC
2nd: T.T.V Vamshi Krishna - BCA III
3rd: Anukar Bcom 3H1 and sharadha BCom 3H2


Battle of Wits

An event that got all the brain cells of the smart participants thrashing "The Battle of Wits" was held on 12th August 2017 from 2:30 to 3:30.The event witnessed a whooping no. of 20 and more teams consisting of 2 participants each who had to hammer their intellect to solve a set of 5 sharp witted questions with each question twisting and turning their thinking ability into different directions of aptitude and logic.Calling it a mere event would be an understatement as it was an extravaganza of mental talent and enthusiasm.

Winners List

Surabhi and Nidhi - BSc MSCs 2b

Pooja and Pooja K - BSc MSCs 3b

Shivani and Shrithi Reddy - BSc MPCs 1b


Poster Making Competition - 22nd July 2017

On 22 July 2017, the PSCIFE club of Bhavans Vivekananda College conducted a Poster Making Competition for all the UG students. It was meant to showcase the inner creativity of the students and gave them a platform to compete against others in terms of their art skills.Participants had to form a team of 3 (max.) and make a collage, painting, sketch or anything of their choice within 90 minutes. Fifteen teams turned up for the competition among which 7 were from B.Sc and the rest from BBA, B.COM and BCA.

Winners List

Fashion or Tradition Youth on Drugs Team up to Clean up
Neelima BCA II Yr Sunitha MECs IIB Nidhi BBA I Yr
Nashreen MECs IIB Romi Kumari MECs IIB
Manikanta BCA II




“Jump In Jump Out with Music” – 1 July 2017
On the 1/07/2017, PSCIFE club had conducted ‘Jump in Jump out with Music’, the first event for the year. Event was exclusively for the fresher’s of the physical sciences. It was a fun event which had many twists and turns with enthusiastic participants, cheering crowd and foot tapping music. About 150 students participated and had gone through various rounds of the event and finally the winners are

Winners List:

CH. Kavitha (MSCs IB)
M. Srujana (MECs IA)
V. Joshna (MECs IA)
Ankita Rathour (BA I Year)



Jump In Jump Out with Music - IMAGES


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