College Library

Library Staff


Library Committee

The committee is presided over by the Principal Sir Prof. Y. Ashok

Co-ordinator – Dr. J.Sarada




Ms.Rachana Sarma

Ms.Meena Rani

Mr.TVLNH Prasad

Dr. Kavitha Lal


Asst. Librarians  :

   1.Mrs. D. Padmavathi B.A., BLISC ,  with 18 years of Experience.

   2.Mr. C. Vamsi Mohan   B.Com., BLISC, with 13 years of Experience.

  Certifications : Data Processing & Computer Software, Certificate in Computing.


1.Mr U Bhaskar B Com, Certificate in Computer Science. (Book Bearer)

2.Mrs C Swapna SSC(Attender)