Department of Commerce


Dr.K.Sreelatha Reddy Head of the Dept.(Commerce)(Unique ID:TS07)


S.l Unique ID Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Email id's
1 TS16 Mrs.N.Padmalatha M.Com,Pursuing(M.Phil) Lecturer
2 TS21 Mr.P.R.Venugopal M.Com,ICWA(Inter), PGDM,MBA,NET,SET,ICWAI Inter,Pursuing Ph.D in krishna University Lecturer
3 TS26 Mrs.L.V.Kamala Devi M.Com,MBA,SET,
Pursuing Ph.D in Rayalseema University
4 TS39 Mr.D.Sanjeeva Rao M.Com,M.A,M.Phil,SET
Pursuing PH.D
5 TS38 Mrs.Rachana Sharma M.Com
6 TS65 Mrs.Parveen Khan M.Com Lecturer
7 TS129 Mrs.K.Neelavathi M.Com,M.Phil, PGDCA Lecturer
8 TS128 Mrs.P.V.Ajitha M.Com,NET Lecturer
9 TS155 Mrs.Vinaya Chaturvedi M.Com,M.A(Eco),PGDC,B.Ed Lecturer
10 TS156 Mr.M.Thirmal Rao M.Com,(ICWA,Stage-I) SET Lecturer
11 TS281 Mrs.Jyothi Mehra M.A (Ecomomice),M.Phil,SET
12 TS188 Mrs.Uma Jayender M.Com,M.Phil,B.Ed Pursuing Ph.D
13 TS216 Mrs.J.V.R.Geetanjali M.Com,M.Phil,MBA
Pursuing Ph.D
14 TS225 Ms.Ankita Nagra M.Com,MBA(HR) Lecturer
15 TS246 Mrs.R.Anuradha M.Com Lecturer
16 TS263 Ms.Sreemathi Raghunandan,M.Phil,ICWAI(Inter) Lecturer
17 TS254 Mrs.C Sreedevi M.Com,M.Phil,MBA Lecturer
18 TS245 Mrs.Sudha Singh Thakur M.Com, MDBA,M.Phil,SET, Pursuing Ph.D Lecturer
19 TS241 Mrs.Swathi K M.Com Lecturer
20 TS271 Mrs.Y.Vijayalakshmi, MBA (Finance), APSET Lecturer
21 TS312 Mr. MD.Kaleemulah MCom, NET Lecturer
22 TS320 Ms. Chandrika Peddi Reddygari MCom, MBA(Finance) Lecturer
23 TS321 Ms. Kalyani Gorthi MCom, PGDBA, ICWAI (INTER) Lecturer
24 TS356 Ms. Nidhisree Devarakonda MCom,LLB Lecturer
25 TS346 Ms. Abhignya Banerjee MCom,PGDM Lecturer
26 TS377 Ms. M Vijayalaxmi MCom Lecturer


Department organizes Workshops,Seminars, Guest Lectures, Industrial Visits for students every year

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