Department of Chemistry


Faculty Details

Dr. Madhumitha Bhattchargee

Head of the Department (Chemistry) MSc, PhD (Unique ID: TS05)


Unique ID Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Email id's
1 TS74 Mr.G.V. Ramanamurthy M.SC.(Chem)., BEd Lecturer
2 TS291 Ms. D Rajeshwari Dandabattina M.Sc Analytical chemistry Lecturer
3 TS57 Ms. Mary Nygi Kurian M.SC.(Chem),MEd Lecturer
4 TS351 Ms.Moumita Bandyopadhyay M.SC.(Chem) Lecturer
5 TS367 Ms.Prerna Loomba M.SC.(Chem) Lecturer


Department organizes Workshops,Seminars, Guest Lectures, Industrial Visits for students every year

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