Bhavan's Centre for Human Excellence

About Us

An organization exclusively for students of Bhavan’s Vivekananda College in association with Ramakrishna Math(Vivekananda institute of human excellence).
Various events and competitions are organized to signify the importance of human values and patriotism among the youth. Students from all streams (UG & PG) are welcome to participate and discover themselves.

The coordinator of this club isMr. D Sanjeeva Rao and the members are

Mrs. Kamala Devi – Department of Commerce
Mrs. Sudha Sing- Department of Commerce
Mrs. Swathi - Department of Commerce
Mrs. C. Sreedevi - Department of Commerce
Mrs. J.Sreedevi - Department of Computer Science
Mrs.Sreemathi - Department of Commerce
Mr.MD.Khaleem Ullah- Department of Commerce
Mrs. Vanitha - Department of Bio Chemistry.
Mrs.Meena Rani - Department of Languages
Mr.Y.Suresh – Department of Languages
Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi - Department of Management.

Students Members

Coordinators Heads Sub-Heads Coordinators Heads Sub-Heads
Bharadwaj M T.Yagnika Mesapam Sannihith Vignesh A M P.V Vignesh Arushee Srivastava
Harsha V T.Sai Soundharya L.sai Ketan Niranjan J Siddharth goutham Mani Bhavana
Coordinators Heads Sub-Heads Coordinators Heads Sub-Heads
Sunalkar Sundesh kumar K. Varunavi Prajakta Valiv P.Shivani Reddy Alekhya C.H Sowmya Ramanathan
Arshitha N.V K. Lokesh kumar Krishna Sai P P.Sougnya Reddy G. Sudeeksha  R. Lalithambica

Activities 2017-2018

Centre For Excellence conducted its 1st event 'ART MELA' on 28th july 2017,the programs organised by the cordinators and te head of BCE were;
1.An Art Mela:The topics were "Say NoTo Drugs & Child Abuse". 25 students participated in the event.
2.An Art Workshop that consisted of
a.Tassle Jewellery
b.Japanese Cartoon
c.Tatto Making
d.Photo Booth
These were the fund raising events conducted & the team experienced good response for the workshop from the students as well as lecturers. Prof.Dr.Y.Ashok,Principal visited the event and appreciated the art work created by the students. The winners of the competition are

Activities 2016-2017

Orientation Programme
Bhavan’s Center for Excellence conducted its orientation meet on 27th of July 2016 and introduced its reorganized structure to the students. Students chose their departments as per their interests.

Painiting Competition - Aazadi
The painting Competition themed “Aazadi” was held on 10th August 2016. The competition received about 60 entries, and all the submissions were judged based on the Theme, Message and presentation.

Rakhi Making Workshop
A Rakhi making workshop was conducted on 11th august 2016 at Z.P.H.S. Government school for girls(Alwal) where, about 200 girls classes 8th, 9th and 10th were taught simple DIY Rakhi making just as to bring about a small change in their routine.

Handmade Rakhi Stall
A Stall was put up from 15th 17th August2016, for the scale of Handmade rachis and paper- Quilling Rakhis. All the hard work and efforts put in by volunteers in the making, paid off with the sale of mote than 300 Rakhis over 3 days.

Awareness program on Clay Ganesha
On the occasion of ganesh chaturthi, B.C.E organized a series of events (awareness Rally, Debate, Skit) for 3 consecutive days from Sept 1st to 3rd 2016, with an aim to spread the awareness and merits of usage of eco friendly ganeshas.

Essay Writing Competition
Bhavan's centre for excellence conducted an essay writing competition on November 29th.The topic for the competition was "DOES MOVIES AND MEDIA SHAPE OUR POPULAR CULTURE OR MERELY REFLECT IT?".There was an enthusiastic participation from the students.

Food drive programme
A Food drive programme was organized on 5th January at Saibaba temple. Food was cooked and served for over 2000 people near the temple with the help of temple committee members and our NSS volunteers.

PPT Competition
A power point presentation competition on the topic “SWAMI VIVEKANANDA-An inspiration to the nation” was conducted on 7th of Jan. A positive response was received from the students..


Group Singing Competition
B.C.E. conducted a group singing competition on 16th of jan 2017. The theme for the competition was patriotic songs .participation of 11 teams was seen singing away the patriotism filled lyrical.

Group Dance Competition
A group dance competition themed “inspirational” was conducted of 17th of January . Participated teams showcased very inspiring concepts.

As a part of INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY celebrations, the annual event of Bhavan’s Centre for Excellence was held where in the chief guest of the event MR.G.V.N Raju, Guinness book of world record holder gave away the prizes to the winners of all the competitions

Interactive Programme
Members of Bhavan's Centre for Excellence were offered an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with the members of human excellence from Symbiosis University, Pune. Marathon sessions regarding various enlightening topics were held.