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List of Activities 2017-18



The greEnergy club of the Department of Genetics & Biotechnology, Bhavan's Vivekananda College of Science, Humanities and Commerce, Sainikpuri, organized ECOFEST on 27th Jan, 2018. The Programs include Essay writing competition, Kite making and decoration, skit on Conservation of rivers, Nutri Chef, Group Dance, best dressed students in ethnic attire. The aim of ECOFEST is to be one with nature, conserve it and appreciate our planet Earth. The fest was successful owing to enthusiastic participation from students.


Pollution Check 24-02-2018

The Department of Genetics and Biotechnology organized a pollution check campaign on 24th February, 2018, with an objective of educating vehicle owners on the importance of pollution control. The students and faculty of the Life Science Department were actively involved in this program. The event began at 1:00 pm. Many staff and students, who commute to college by their own two & four wheelers, got their vehicles checked. The RTA approved pollution check agent checked a total of 105 vehicles, including 98 two wheelers & 7 four wheelers. The enthusiasm, diligence and hard work of the members of the greENERGY club were appreciated by one and all.



DAY 1:
Day one of the seminar was organizied at Vivekananda Hall,College of DefenceManagement,Sainikpuri on Dec 7th,2017.The Seminar was inaugurated by the chief guest & key note speaker Mr. AJIT NAIR ,COO VINS Biopharma Ltd, Hyderabad.The event was  presided by Shri I.Y.R. KRISHNA RAO, IAS (Retd.)Chairman, BharatiyaVidyaBhavan, Sainikpuri Kendra & Air Cmde(Retd.) J.L.N. SASTRY, VSM,Vice Chairman, BharatiyaVidya Bhavan, Sainikpuri Kendra, Hyderabad.The  guest of honor Dr. Smita C Pawar,Head, Dept. of Genetics and Biotechnology, Osmania University,Hyderabad graced the inauguration.A warm welcome address was given by Prof Y.Ashok,Principal& Chairman of the  seminar.DrMadhumitaBhattacharjee,Head,Dept of Chemistry &DrJyothiNayar,Head,Dept of  Genetics & Biotechnology gave an insight into the two day seminar. The International seminar commenced with the talk by key note speaker,Mr.AJIT NAIR,COO VINS Biopharma Ltd, Hyderabad.An informative talk on Globion Products by Dr. Piruthiviraj Kumar, AVP, Globion followed soon after. Senior Scientist & Principal Scientist from IICT, Hyderabad Dr. Amitava Das & Dr. Anthony Addlagatta, spoke about Re-generative Stem cells &
Drug Designing, respectively.The post lunch session witnessed a talk by Dr.Asha Mallya,       Deputy Director,Serum Institute of India, Pune  on Challenges & way forward in Vaccine Research.Dr.Dhevelapally B.Ramachary,MRSC, Professor, School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad emphasized on the green lab techniques in chemistry by his talk on   Ramachary Bressy Wang [3+2]Cycloaddition:A versatile platform to fully decorated 1,2,3-triazoles.The final talk of the day was an interactive one by Dr.Narinder Mohal,Founding Director,GMK Research Laboratories Pvt.Ltd, Hyderabad on Drug Discovery & Development:Chemist’s Perspective.The  first day of the international seminar saw a good number of  participants in the form of students,faculty & research scholars from various colleges of twin cities like University College for Women,Koti,St Francis College for Women,Loyola Academy & Mahatma Gandhi University. Day one of the two day international seminar was a highly educative & interactive one giving various insights into the current research & development in designing of drugs & new vaccines introduced.


DAY 2:
The second day of the two day International Seminar on the title -DRUG DESIGNING  & DISCOVERY OF VACCINES.  was organized at Bhavan's Vivekananda College,Sainikpuri on December 8,2017. The seminar was organized by theDepartments of Chemistry, Genetics & Biotechnology of Bhavan’s Vivekananda College, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad. The session commenced with an interactive talk by Ms.Sireesha, Senior Director Strategic  Marketing & External Affairs,USP on the various development activities of USP & career oriented bridge courses offered by them on life sciences. Next event of the day was oral presentation,poster presentation & quiz.Where participants from Bhavan’s Vivekananda College & various colleges of twin cities like St Francis College,Loyola Academy,OU college for Women,Kasturba Gandhi College,St Pious College took part.The esteemed  judges for the  events  were Dr. Biplab Kumar Bhattacharjee, Senior Scientist,Nagarjuna Bio Pharma & Dr.NupurSengupta,Dr Reddy’s Lab. The final event of the day was the valedictory  which was graced by the  dignitaries Prof. Ch .Venkata Ramana Devi, Dean of Life Sciences ,Osmania University ,Ms B Niraimathi,Vice Principal,Bhavan’s Vivekananda College & the Chief Guest  Prof. A. Roja Rani, Dept. of Genetics,Osmania University. The two day seminar was successful in reaching out to the participants with the informative talks by renowned speakers on the first day & the interacative events for the participants on the second day.The valedictory concluded with the vote of thanks  proposed by the convener of the seminar.


Guest Lecture - Prospects on Mushroom Cultivation In India

The Department of Genetics & Biotechnology organized a guest lecture for UG students on 06-09-2017 at 2.30 pm in the MBA Seminar Hall, Bhavan’s Vivekananda College. The lecture was delivered by a Dr. K Prasuna, CEO, ‘S‘Mushroom Agritech, Hyderabad. Dr. K Prasuna briefed about the struggle and hurdles faced by anyone who will start as an entrepreneur and establish in this very challenging field of entrepreneurship. She has done Ph.D on the growth patterns and biochemical aspects of Calocybe indica P&C (Milky Mushroom), a topical mushroom that suits Indian climate. She opted to culture and market mushrooms. She enlightened the students on realities of entrepreneurship. Dr. K Prasuna explained how she and her team educate the local farmers to go for mushroom culture and make some lively hood as mushroom culture needs less space and investment.  She gave an account of types of mushroom that can be easily cultivated suiting to Indian climatic conditions. She also briefed about the nutritional value of Mushrooms as they are a rich source of proteins. She even enlightened the students with the therapeutic value of mushrooms, where eating mushrooms or having their soup helps them to combat even cancer.
The session ended with students interacting with Dr. K Prasuna and she attending to their queries and doubts.


Trip to IIOR

BSc II and III year students (53) were taken to ICAR- Indian Institute of Oil Seeds Research (IIOR), Rajendranagar. They visited different research laboratories including Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Museum of the Institute. They were exposed to different research programs being undertaken at the Institute. The visit was enriching and educative.


Sale of Clay Ganeshas

The greENERGY club organized the sale of clay Ganeshas as a part of Green Ganesha program. The highlight of the program was that the clay Ganesha idols had seeds embedded inside. The idea was to encourage immersion of Ganesha in bucket followed by putting the clay in pots so that the seeds germinate. This was taken up to spread awareness to save lakes.  The event was organized on 24th of August 2017, on the eve of Ganesh Chathurthi.
Students and staff were encouraged to purchase the clay ‘seed’ Ganeshas which were given away in ecofriendly paper bags. About 80 clay Ganeshas were sold. The first idol was bought by the Principal of BVC. The event was very successful owing to the active and enthusiastic participation of the students and staff.



The greENERGY club motivates every individual to be a torch bearer in protecting mother earth. As part of environmental studies project, the second year MGC students got associated with recycling of paper. They collected 1882 kilo grams of waste paper from various departments, under the guidance of Dr. Jyothi Nayar. The recycling of paper is undertaken in collaboration with ITC limited.


Haritha Haaram

Haritha Haaram – Tree Plantation program was organized in Bhavan’s Vivekananda College of Science, Humanities and Commerce, Sainikpuri, on 29-07-2017, by the greENERGY club, NSS and NCC unit of the college.
Mr. I Y R Krishna Rao, IAS (Retd.), Chairman, BVB Kendra was the Chief Guest and Mr. Ch R Uma Maheswar Sharma, DCP, Malkajgiri Division was the Guest of Honor for the event.   Air Cmde (Retd.) J L N Sastry, VSM., Vice Chairman, BVB Kendra and Prof. Y Ashok, Principal, BVC, Heads of the Departments, Staff and students planted saplings during the event.

200 saplings including plants such as Ashwagandha, Ashoka, Tamarind, Kala Jamun, Gauva, Peepal etc, were procured from DBR Nursery, Yapral, and were planted. The aim of the program is each that student should take care of the plant he or she have planted.  


Guest Lecture

The Department of Genetics & Biotechnology organized a guest lecture for UG students on 22-07-2017 at 2.30 pm in the MBA Seminar Hall, Bhavan’s Vivekananda College. The lecture was delivered by a Dr. Raman M Sundaram, Principal Scientist, Biotechnology Division, Indian Institute of Rice Research- ICAR, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.

Dr. Sundaram briefed about the tools that could be used for improving rice by making it resistant to disease, tolerant to biotic and abiotic stress, to reduce the consumption of pesticides and herbicides and most importantly increase yield with limited land resources. He also emphasized the role of biotechnology to enhance rice breeding efficiency and shortening the breeding cycle.
Dr. Sundaram explained how he and his team used Marker Assisted Selection to improve Sambha Masuri BPT5204, a crop resident to bacterial blight. Marker assisted breeding reduces the traditional breeding time significantly. He gave an insight on tools used for genetic engineering in rice and described in detail the transgenic rice produced at IIRR like rice resistant to bacterial, fungal and viral diseases, improved vitamin A (Golden rice) and elevated iron content. Another project that they are working on is to change rice from a C3 to a C4 plant, which will help improve the efficiency carbon usage and minimize net energy loss. The session ended with Dr. Sundaram interacting with students attending to their queries and doubts.


Value added course on Genetic Counselling -2017

The value added course on Genetic Counselling was conducted by the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology during April- May 2017.. The theory for the course was conducted in the college consisting of 15 hours of instruction by the faculty from 11-4-’17 to 13-4-’17. The theory classes covered the basic aspects of Genetic disorders, diagnosis, treatment and prevention along with steps involved in Genetic Counseling. The practical internship for the course was done in the Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Diseases from 18-4-2017 to 12-5-’17. 37 students enrolled for the course. They were organised into 5 groups and assigned to different labs – Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Clinical Genetics, Clinical Biochemistry and Environmental Toxicology. The teams worked in the five labs for 5-6 days on a rotation basis. The students learned the following aspects in the labs:

Molecular Biology

Students learned the technique of DNA isolation from WBCs, electrophoresis, genotyping, and PCR.

Cell Biology

They learned Leucocyte culture, Karyotyping and FISH (Fluorescent In Situ Hybridisation) technique.

Clinical Genetics

Students were familiarized to the process of Genetic Counselling by exposure to cases that had come to the Institute. They were shown how the technique of Ultrasonography can be used to study fetal viability, growth and detect abnormalities in the fetus.

Clinical Biochemistry

The students performed serum and urine analysis for detection of Genetic disorders such as Metabolic disorders and Single Gene disorders (Ex: detection of Copper levels in urine for Wilson’s Disease).

Environmental Toxicology

Students learned the technique of Comet Assay. They were also given an overview of Bioinformatics and its applications.

The students enthusiastically interacted with the researchers and doctors at the Institute and also learned about various career options in the field of Medical Genetics. They visited the school for the differently abled children attached to the Institute, which enlightened them about how such children are taught skills to be independent and become useful members of the society. The students attended a seminar on Thalassemia at IOG organized as a part of World Thalassemia Day on May 8th 2017. The internship program concluded with the students appearing for a written examination on the concepts and techniques learned at the Institute. The students found the course very interesting and comprehensive.



List of Activities 2016-17


Report on Guest Lecture
The Department of Genetics & Biotechnology organized a guest lecture program for UG students on 03-08-2016 at 11 AM in the MBA Seminar Hall, Bhavans College. The lecture was delivered by a very eminent scientist Dr K. Thangaraj, Senior Principal Scientist and Group Leader, CCMB, Hyderabad. This guest lecture program was organized as a part of the UG academic schedule. The undergraduate students were privileged  to learn about the origin of human life. The theory of evolution of human beings from chimpanzee was once again very effectively explained by Dr Thangaraj. They also came to know about the  fact that the Indian sub continent bears the primitive species of human life found in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands who originated from Africa and settled in different parts of the globe. The talk continued on various health issues and diseases confined to a few parts of the nation. The seminar ended with a Mark Twain quote stating the beauty of origin of human life and culture in India. The students were also inspired to touch the unseen mysteries in the world of Genetics and to pursue research in the new areas of the enigmatic subject. Students attentively listened to the lecture and interacted with Dr Thangaraj and clarified many of their doubts in the concerned subject, Population Genetics. 



Haritha Haram: Tree Plantation 23rd July 2016
GreEnergy club, NCC unit and NSS unit of the college jointly organized Tree Plantation Program as part of Haritha Haram project of the Telangana Govt. in the college premises. The chief guest for the programme was Mr Ramachander Reddy IAS, in charge DCP Malkajgiri. The other guests included Md. Rafeeq, ACP Bolaram, Dr Maithri and Mrs Jyothi from GHMC.
A total of 300 saplings were planted in the college Campus. The whole program was actively carried out by the students and staff of the college led by the Principal, Prof. Y. Ashok, and Heads of the Departments.  Air Comdr. J. L. N Sastry, (Retd.) VSM, Vice Chairman BVB, Sainikpuri Kendra and Col M. Vijay Rao, Hon Dir BVC, Sainikpuri also planted trees as part of the programme.



The induction program for UG first year students was conducted by the Departments of Genetics & Biotechnology and Chemistry on 18-06-2016. The program began at 10 AM in the Thakore Auditorium, BSRKV. The program was presided over by the Vice Chairman,BVB Sainikpuri Kendra, Air Cmdr(Retd) JLN Sastry, VSM; Hon. Director, BVC, Col(Retd) M. Vijay Rao; Principal Prof Y Ashok; Swami BodhmayanandJi, Director, Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Ramakrishna Mutt, Hyderabad & Shri M GopalaKrishna, IAS(Retd).
The Vice Chairman, Hon. Director and the Principal addressed the students as to how they could avail the facilities and the expertise of the faculty at BVC for all round personality development and also the importance of inculcating right values among youth.
Swami BodhmayananandJi gave a very thought provoking talk on issues such as drug abuse, exploitation of women, insensitivity of the younger generation towards problems of the society and how the youth could serve the nation and solve its problems. Swamiji was also very interactive with the students and encouraged them to express their views about the session.
Shri M Gopalakrishna elaborated the students on the qualities needed to succeed in fulfilling their aims in life.
Alumni from various faculties spoke to the students on how BVC helped them in personality and career development. The alumni were:   
1. Kaneshkk Naidu –                Sports (Ranji Player)
2. Shradha Thakrar -                Commerce
3. Amrutha Lakshmi -              Physical Sciences
4. T. Nandita -                          Life Sciences
5. Neharika Sanjay Kumar -   BBA
6. Kumari Puja -                        NCC
7. Jephthah Jagdeeshan -      NSS

 A few first year students came up to the dais and expressed their views about the College and the Induction program.
The session ended with the Vote of Thanks proposed by the Vice Principal Mrs. C. Neraimathi.
The Induction program was well received by the first year UG students.


Programmes conducted by the Department (2015-16)

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Induction Program for the first year students



1. Swami Bodhmayanandji, Director, Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad,
2. Prof. V Viswanadham, Retd Prof, OU,

Swami Bodhmayanandji emphasized on good character building and positive attitude towards life.
Prof. V Viswanadham, urged the students not to get carried away by the latest bling of Western culture and to abide by our cultural values.








Guest Lectures/Workshops/Seminars (2015-16)

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Dr. K. Arun Kumar, Asst. Prof., Department of Animal Biotechnology, University of Hyderabad.


Understanding Plasmodium through Transgenic Animals

Dr. K. Arun Kumar highlighted on the experiments done on transgenic Plasmodium that resulted in the suppression of the production of functional oocytes in Mosquito. This research will pave way for attenuated vaccines against malaria.


Dr. V.V. Ravikanth, Scientist, Asian Institute of Gastero Enterology, Punjagutta, Hyd.


Evolution Of Genotyping Technology

Dr. Ravikanth gave an insight into the developments in genotyping technology starting from basic RFLP to Next Generation technology.


Prof. K.Ulaganathan, Center for Plant Molecular Biology (CPMB)


“Genomics Revolution- Where are we heading?”

Prof. Ulaganathan addressed on topics like mapping genomes of various organisms and their relevance in present scenario.

A National Seminar was conducted on “PHARMACOGENETICS-A PERSONALISED THERAPY” by the Department jointly with the Department of Chemistry on February 12th, 2016.The Chief Guest for the program was Prof. V Uma, Dean Faculty of Sciences, Osmania University, Hyderabad, TS.
The Key note address was given by Dr Kalpana Joshi, Professor and Head, Department of Biotechnology Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune University, MH and Ex. Director Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences (SSBS), Symbiosis International University, Pune, MH.
Dr V V Ravi Kanth of Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, TS and Dr Subramanian Ganesan of Novartis, Hyderabad were the Guest Speakers.


The post Lunch session comprised of Poster Presentation on “Pharmacogenetics- A Boon or a Bane” and Oral Paper Presentation should be related to “Discoveries of Pharmocogenomic Drugs” by students and research scholars.

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