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List of Activities in 2016-17:


Certificate Course for PG Students

The department of Biochemistry had conducted a certificate course in “Clinical laboratory diagnostics”in collaboration withBhavan’s Sarada Devi Hospital, Sainikpuri from 16-01-2017 to 1-03-2017 for students of M.Sc IV semester.  The course was carried out for        30 hrs where the students were given a basic understanding of working in a clinical laboratory.  They were trained on various biochemical tests for blood and urine samples. They were explained about functioning of an autoanalyzer for evaluating the biochemical parameters and hematology parameters along with ECG and measurement of blood pressure.  Histopathology sectioning and staining of various human tissue samples were also shown.  A lecture on histopathology of organs covering liver, muscle, nerve and uterus was delivered by Lt. Col (Retd) Dr.C.Ramji, Consultant Pathologist, Bhavan’s Sarada Devi Hospital, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.


Report on  visit to Vijaya Diagnostics at Himayat Nagar
Students of M.Sc Biochemistry semester IV were taken to Vijaya Diagnostics at Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad on 22.03.2017. Students were made aware of high level of automation involved in the diagnostic centers. Starting from the collection of the samples, storage, processing and reporting the data involves a high degree of automation. Students were shown biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, histopathology, molecular Biology and cytogenetics labs.  They were explained about the working mechanism of various instruments like autoanalyzers, electrolyte analyzers, blood grouping instruments, HPLC, PCR, FISH and pathology related instruments. Overall the visit had provided a very good insight into the clinical laboratory diagnostic labs.



The 17th annual lecture series GYANTARANGINI VYAKHYANAMALA-2017 was inaugurated by Prof. Ravindranath, Dean, Academic Affairs, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. This was followed by his key note address on “Biosensors –As cutting edge diagnostic tools”. Prof. Suman Kapur, Senior Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, Hyderabad Campus delivered a lecture on “Biomarkers”. This was followed by a lecture delivered by Prof. Lakshmi Vemu, Head, Dept of Microbiology, NIMS, Hyderabad. She spoke on “Real time loop mediated amplification assay –A potential point of care test in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The afternoon session started with scientific writing, paper presentation, and poster presentations by PG students of Biochemistry and Microbiology departments of this college and other colleges. Dr. Sudip Ghosh, Scientist E, Head, Molecular Biology and Isotope division, NIN, Hyderabad and Dr. Vasavi Mohan, Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Vasavi Medical and Research Centre, Hyderabad were the judges for these competitions. GTVM was concluded with a valedictory function. Dr. Sudip Ghosh and Dr. Vasavi Mohan gave away the prizes to the winners of the various events including poster and paper presentations, scientific writing and quiz. A total of 23 students and faculty from 4 different colleges like Aurora Degree and PG college, Mumtaz college, St. Francis college for women, University college of Science, Saifabad have participated in this event.



Health Camp

A Health camp was conducted by the Department of Biochemistry on 6th and 7th of January, 2017 for the staff and students of Bhavan’s Vivekananda College.  The camp was organized in association with Vimta labs.  As a part of the camp various blood parameters like glucose, lipid profile, liver profile, kidney profile, complete blood count, thyroid profile, vitamin D and vitamin B12, were investigated. This year Complete health checkup panel, Master health checkup panel and Extended health checkup panel were also included in the list of tests done. About 58 staff members and 115 students got their different blood parameters evaluated.  The health camp received a good response and was well appreciated by the staff and students.


Workshop 2016 - 17

The department of Biochemistry conducted a workshop on” Molecular Diagnostics:  Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in p53 gene”.  This was organized in collaboration with the Department of Biochemistry, Osmania University from 5th to 8th of December, 2016.
Dr. Manjula Bhanoori, Asst Prof from the department of Biochemistry, OU was the resource person for this workshop.   Research scholars of Dr. Manjula’s lab, Mr.Venkat Reddy and Ms. Swapna have helped in providing the hands-on-experience to the students. The experiments carried out in the workshop were DNA isolation from blood samples, analysis of p53 polymorphism amongst the DNA samples by PCR amplification and RFLP techniques.
This workshop has provided the students in-depth practical knowledge and hands-on- experience in carrying out the above said techniques.  The workshop was concluded with a valedictory function.  Principal Prof. Y.Ashok addressed the students and gave away participation certificates.




Lecture by Dr. Vamsidhar.R

Dr. Vamsidhar. R an alumni student of the department of biochemistry pursuing his post doctoral in Montana State University delivered a lecture on 4th October, 2016.  He spoke on the “Multidimensional approach to understanding the biophysics of virus particles”.  He also spoke about  the adeno associated virus and methods like TEM, Proteolysis using Proteinase K and SDS- PAGE to identify its serotypes.


Guest Lecture

A guest lecture was organized by the department of biochemistry on 14-9-2016.  Dr Sudip Ghosh from National Institute of Nutrition spoke on the topic “Next Generation Sequencing and its Applications”.  He started his lecture with the basic methods of DNA sequencing and then explained in detail about the procedures and advantages of DNA sequencing with latest technologies. These techniques are useful to work with even minor quantities of DNA giving accurate results for forensic purposes and related applications.


Report on Two Day Model Presentation 2016-17

The department of Biochemistry has conducted an event on display of various science models on 9th and 10th of September 2016. This kind of exhibition will enhance the scientific temper amongst the students and provides an in-depth understanding of the concepts of biological processes. The models which were exhibited are related to different cellular mechanisms of living organisms. Students of B.Sc (M.Bi.C) 3rd year have taken part in this programme and displayed models on cardiac cycle, alpha helical structure of protein, membrane fluid mosaic model, organization of eukaryotic genome, DNA replication, transcriptional elongation, signal transduction of insulin, erythroblastosis foetalis, biogas production and structure of plant cell. The exhibits displayed by the students were very educative and highly appreciative.  Students and faculty of other streams have visited the models with a great enthusiasm and tried to understand the mechanisms involved. Principal Prof. Y. Ashok had visited the models and appreciated the students for their active participation.


Guest Lecture

A guest lecture was organized by the department of Biochemistry on 7-9-16. Dr. Manjula, Associate professor from Osamania University spoke on the topic “Pathophsyiolgy of endometriosis.” She spoke on the occurrence of endometriosis, its symptoms and causes. She explained on how this condition is related to life style and the measures to avoid it. She gave an insight into her research work about identifying a marker gene for diagnosing endometriosis.


Educational Trip

The students of M.Sc Biochemistry and Microbiology were taken on an educational trip to Pune from 30th August to 1st September, 2016.  Students were accompanied by faculty from both the departments.  They visited the Serum Institute where they were shown the bacterial vaccine unit or the liquid vaccine diluent unit.  They were explained about the preparation of different vaccines like DPT, HBV, MMR and BCG. The students were also taken to NCL, Pune, where they were briefed about the various research topics and their funding.  They also visited the DNA sequencing unit where they were shown PCR and Sanger’s sequencing unit.

The 4th foundation day of Global Medical Education and Research Foundation was organized at administrative staff college on 17th August, 2016. The programme was inaugurated by Dr.Ravindranath of Global Hospitals. Dr.V.Sritharan presented the annual report of the foundation. This was followed by the foundation day lecture by Dr.G.V.S.Murthy, Director, Public health foundation of India. Dr.G.V.S.Murthy spoke on the topic Inclusive Health: The Mantra for Sustainable development. His lecture included the goals for sustainable development and the public health challenges in India. He dealt in detail on the impact of disability in India and the necessity to meet the primary health condition, general health care needs and also health needs of the disabled in India. He emphasized the importance of making inclusive health –a reality from a dream.The post graduate students of biochemistry and Microbiology attended the lecture and interacted with the speaker.



Report on Outreach programme for 2016-17
The Department of Biochemistry has organized an outreach programme for school children of ZP High School for Girls, Alwal on 30th of June and 2nd of July, 2016. The programme included lectures and practical session of few science experiments which they will not be able to carry out in their schools.  They were shown experiments like dialysis, osmosis, achromic point of salivary amylase and differential count. They were also shown tissue sections of uterus, muscle and liver.  Upon request by the school staff, blood grouping was done for about 87 children.
The teaching staff, graduate and post graduate students of the department have taken part in this programme.  This will encourage the school children to develop interest towards life sciences and ignite their young minds towards considering life sciences as their future career option.


Summer Projects

Academic year

Name of the Supervisor

Number and Names of Students

Title of the project


Dr.A.Sai Padma

6 (M.Sc)
1.Trupthi Deshpande

Isolation, Characterization and Comparison of activity levels of lipoxygenase enzyme from germinating green gram seeds


2. Syed Shahabuddin  Ahmed

Isolation and Characterization of lipoxygenase enzyme from potato and its product analysis

Dr.A.Sai Padma

3. K.Sravya Mounika

Isolation, Characterization and Comparison of activity levels of lipoxygenase enzyme from germinating Bengal gram seeds


4. P.Navya

Food adulteration


6. S.Hemanth

Milk adulteration















Prem Kumar

Analysis of the haptoglobin phenotype in diabetes


Analysis of the haptoglobin phenotype in cardiac failure

B. Ashwini

Affinity of IgG from different species towards protein A

B. Deekshika

Determination of vitamin C in some vegetables

P. Jahnavi

A comparative study on the levels of casein and albumin from Cow, Heritage and Reliance Milk samples

B. Praveena

Analysis of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) contents in some local fruits.

Vaishnavi Bhat

A comparative study on the levels of casein and albumin from Buffalo, Jersey and Mother dairy Milk samples

V.A. Subramanian

Enzymatic activity of peroxidase from radish

Varsha Kesavan

Enzymatic activity of peroxidase from cabbage.

 Aishwarya Pillay

Antibody labeling

S.V. Sai Priya

Isolation of IgG from human, buffalo and chicken serum



B.Sc  (3)

Determination of Ascorbic acid content in some Indian Spices (Seeds)

R.Deepak Reddy

Determination of Ascorbic acid content in some Indian Spices (Vegetables)

G.Beerbin Yadav

Effects of pond, Kapra lake and Mini tank bund lake waters  on some biochemical parameters in germinating wheat seedlings

M.Sc (2)
Shaik Arshad

A study on fluoride levels in borewell water of Nalgonda Dist.Telangana, India.

P.S.S.Ashwin Kumar

Determination of serum total antioxidant activity and superoxide dismutase activity in diabetes.










B.Sc (St.Francis college) (6)
Nancy Thangamani





Biochemical Analysis Of Chickpea Seed.

S.J.Jenita Tony

Biochemical Analysis Of Chickpea Seed


Biochemical Analysis Of Germinated Sesame Seed


Biochemical Analysis Of Germinated Vigna (Mung Bean) Seed


Biochemical Analysis Of Germinated Horse Gram Seed

Soumi Chatterjee

Biochemical Analysis Of Germinated Glycine max(Soya bean)Seed




A study on the effect of Ascorbic acid on phospholipase D under salt stress in germinating ground nut seeds


A study on the effect of Ascorbic acid on antioxidant enzymes under salt stress in germinating ground nut seeds.




M.Sc (2)
R.Om Kala Manjari

Determination of serum superoxide dismutase activity in  cardiac disease




Determination of serum total antioxidant activity in cardiac disease



B.Sc  (2)
Pradeep Kumar Jha

Estimation of horse-radish peroxidase activity in fruits and vegetables at different temperatures


BVSRKP Ganesh Sandeep

Estimation of Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables at different temperatures

M.Sc (3)

Estimation of horse-radish peroxidase activity in vegetables in  different cooking methods

T.Prashanth Goud

Comparision Vitamin C levels  in different vegetables


Adulteration of commercial milk samples

Mrs. S.Vanitha

Amulya Paralikar

Determination of calcium levels in fruits and vegetables



Determination of phosphorus levels in fruits and vegetables

Priyanka Panda

Determination of total sugars, reducing  sugars  and protein content in Neem  leaves, flowers, seed and bark


Determination of calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Vit C, chlorophyll contents in  Neem  leaves, flowers, seed and bark 

Sujata Sahoo

Determination of total phenols in Neem  leaves, flowers, seed and bark



List of Activities in 2015-16:


The departments of Microbiology and Biochemistry organized a two day national seminar with the theme “Recent advances in food Biotechnology” on 17th and 18th of Feb, 2016. The seminar was organized in collaboration with Hyderabad chapter of association of Microbiologists of India. The seminar was catalysed and supported by Telangana State Council for Science and Technology (TSCOST) and National council for Science and Technology Communication, DST, New Delhi.  The seminar was organized in view of the global awareness on food adulteration, food processing, food quality and its nutritive values.
Chairman Justice Dr.Y.Bhaskar Rao, Hon Director Col.M.Vijay Rao, Principal Prof.Y.Ashok, convenor Dr.K.Anuradha and co- convenor Dr.A.sai Padma were present in the inaugural ceremony.
The key note address was delivered by Dr.V.Ravindra Babu , Director, IIRR(Indian Institute of  Rice research). He spoke on the importance of ways to increase the yield of rice crop and at the same time minimising the use of chemical fertilizers.  He highlighted in his speech about the biofortification and its importance in combating malnutrition. He stressed on the biofortification of rice, which is very essential since it is the staple food and people depending only on rice can have a greater chance to go into the state of malnutrition.
The first technical session was by Dr.S.G.Prapulla, CFTRI , Mysore ,who spoke on the current research in probiotics & prebiotics. The second technical session was by Dr.B.Dinesh Kumar, NIN, who spoke on the development of genetically modified food crops and their safety.  Competitions like scientific writing and poster session were held on the first day of the two day seminar.

Report of the second day of national seminar
Recent advances in food biotechnology
(18th February, 2016)

On the second day of the national seminar Dr. Venkateswaran, CFTRI spoke on “Food enzymes of microbial sources and their industrial applications”.  The second lecture was delivered by Dr. R.B.N.Prasad of IICT on “Biotechnological approaches for the modification of lipids for medical nutraceuticals and food applications”.  A presentation was given by Dr. Vidya on Make in India : S&T Driven Innovations. A huge response was received for the quiz competition and oral presentations held on the second day. A total of 128 delegates from different colleges and various Institutes participated in the two day programme.  The chief guest for the valedictory programme was Dr. P.Acharya Nagarjun Chairman, BOS, Dept of Microbiology, Osmania University, Hyderabad.





Health Camp
The department of Biochemistry organized a two-day Health Camp on 20th and 21st of January, 2016.  The biochemical parameters that were tested included complete blood picture, lipid profile, creatinine, uric acid, serum calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and thyroid profile.  On 18th January, 2016 a lecture was organized by the department to give awareness to the staff regarding the clinical significance of different tests.  The staff was made aware by a lecture why the tests were chosen and what the increased or decreased levels in the blood indicate.  The camp received a good response with 79 staff members and students getting their blood parameters tested.
Hemoglobin levels were done free of cost to 200 girl students to assess the anemic condition.  Body mass index and blood grouping were also done for the students.



The Department of Biochemistry has organized an outreach programme for school children of ZP High School for Girls, Alwal on 5th and 6th Jan, 2016. The teaching staff, graduate and post graduate students of the department have taken up this programme to encourage the school children to develop interest towards life sciences and consider it as their future career option. The programme included experiments like thin layer chromatography of plant pigments, enzyme catalase activity, cross sections of root and shoot. Upon the request of school authorities, blood grouping was done for about 131 children.


Workshop on Basic Cell Culture Techniques :

A three day workshop on “Basics of cell culture techniques” was organized from 29thOctober-31st October, 2015 by the Department of Biochemistry in collaboration with National Institute of Nutrition. On the first day of the workshop, students were first explained about basic cell culture techniques. They were shown the methods to retrieve the cells from a culture flask. The students were also demonstrated the method for checking the viability of the cells by the MTT assay. Later they were shown plating of cells in a 96 well plate. On the second day, the students were demonstrated the LDH assay to check for cell viability. The cells were read in a spectrophotometer. The students were explained the calculations to check for the percentage of viable cells.

On the second day, two lectures were arranged for the students. Dr. Anil Dubey, Scientist, spoke to the students on the importance of nutrition and the need to impart education to the society on the benefits of nutrition. Dr.Suresh of National Centre for Laboratory Animal Sciences (NCLAS) explained to the students the laboratory animal facility at NIN. He also explained the care to be taken in handling the experimental animals and the importance of animal experimentation.

On the third day, two guest lectures were organized in the college. Dr.V.Vijayalakshmi, Scientist NIN gave a talk on the cell culture techniques. The second lecture was given by Prof.B.Sashidhara Rao, Department of Biochemistry, O.U on Nanotechnology. These lectures were followed by the valedictory function. Prof.Ch.Venkataramana Devi, Head, Department of Biochemistry, O.U was invited as the chief guest. She gave participation certificates to the students who attended the workshop. Dr. Karuna.R was  invited as judge to assess the students’ understanding of the workshop. The students who performed the best in the questionnaire given to them were given prizes by the chief guest and other dignitaries.


Report on the visit to Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology ( CCMB) on 29th October 2015:
Department of Biochemistry has organized an educational trip to The Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, on 29th October 2015 for B.Sc students. At the beginning of the trip the students were shown a documentary which emphasized on how science and art are correlated since both needs creativity and innovation.

The first lab shown was of Confocal microscope where students were shown and explained about its principle and applications, like 3D imaging, fluorescent labeling, laser sections and showed the image of Drosophila embryo with fluorescent dye markers.

Next was to the Drosophila lab where they were made to be aware of the life cycle of Drosophila and how it is used as a model organism. Subsequently, labs equipped with HPLC, Automated DNA sequenator and PCR machine were shown and its working principle was explained to the students.

After the lunch break, the students  were taken to proteomics lab where they were shown Mass spectrometer , MALDI, ESI (Electron spray ionization) ,Flow cytometry, ( FACS: fluorescent activated cell sorter ),NMR Spectrometry, TEM( Transmission electron microscopy- 0.24nm resolution,200KV,copper grid, carbon film) .

The visit to CCMB was indeed a highly informative and educative to the students who had got the opportunity to view the working of sophisticated instruments which are being used routinely in the CCMB labs for various research activities. Overall the trip was a great learning experience for students and staff.


Guest Lecture by Dr. Lakshman Varanasi
The department of Biochemistry organized a guest lecture by Dr. Lakshman Varanasi on 5th October, 2015.  Dr. Lakshman is an alumni student who passed out from the first batch of MBiC (2002).  He spoke on the discovery of serum biomarkers in diagnosis of gastrointestinal cancer.  The techniques employed for the identification of markers included filter aided sample preparation (FASP) and solid phase extraction of glycoproteins (SPEG).   Following this, mass spectrometric analysis of xenograft mice serum was carried out to identify the clinically relevant protein sequence alteration in mass spectral data.


GMERF – Foundation day lecture
Students of M.Sc Biochemistry and Microbiology were taken to the GMERF foundation day lecture organized by the Global Hospitals on 17-8-2015.  Dr. B. Sesi kiran spoke on “Changing evidence on the role of dietary fat in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.”

Guest Lecture by Dr. Janaki Srinath
The department of Biochemistry arranged a guest lecture on 6-8-2015 on the topic  “Nutrition in Adolescence” by Dr. Janaki Srinath for B.Sc life science students.  Students were made aware of the diet that should be planned to avoid any future chronic illness.  She stressed on the essential nutrients that should be included in the diet for a healthy living and also informed about the weight, wellness and reproductive outcome.  She also asserted how the food, physical exercise, stress management and hygiene can make one a better individual.


The Department of Biochemistry organized an outreach programme for school children of ZP High School for Girls, Alwal on 1st August, 2015. The programme included lectures and practical session of few science experiments which they will not be able to carry out in their schools.  They were shown experiments like dialysis, diffusion and qualitative determination of ascorbic acid in citrus fruits.  The purpose of the programme was to encourage the young minds to develop interest towards life sciences and consider it as a future career option.

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