Lecture Capturing System

Lecture Capturing System- Live lectures are captured and stored, to be replayed and re-watched by the students at their convenience. 

Lecture by Ms. Nygi Kurian on "ALDOL Condensation"

Lecture by Dr. S. Padma on "Importance of Biochemistry"

Lecture by Ms. M. Usha on "AME's Test"

Lecture by Ms. B. Kalpana on "Inbreeding "

Lecture by Ms.Dr S Naga Manju on "Industrial Microbiology"

Lecture by Ms. KVB Saraswathi on "Normalization"

Lecture by Asst. Prof. G. Mahesh Kumar on "Dynamic Source Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks"

Lecture by Mr. N. Bhaskar on "OOSD and UML"

Lecture by Asst. Prof. M. Prasanna on "Microprocessor 8085"

Lecture by Mr. P. R. Venugopal on "Admission of Partner"

Lecture by Ms. N. Padmalata on "Assessment of Individuals"

Lecture by Asst. Prof. L. V. Kamala Devi on "Marginal Costing"

Lecture by Ms. Sandhya Garimella on "French Grammer"